Marcia Zuicarelli, LMT


Marcia Zuicarelli, Licensed Massage Therapist

Quantum Healing & Bodywork 

Posture Alignment & Pain release specialist

Marcia is a holistic health practitioner with 18 + years experience in the energetic healing arts. She is a body intuitive and has been lead to new and cutting edge modalities and practices for herself and her clients. She is passionate about helping clients that have been dealing with chronic or acute illness and pain, to find her path to relief and on to wellness. Healing begins with the client’s willingness to transform. Marcia listens to the client’s concerns, intentions and their body’s sensations. She interprets the depth of the emotional and physical l pain and then releases the blocksages. 

Marcia’s philosophy is; 

“Given the right information and professional support, your body will regain it’s natural balance of health.”

Access Bars

This body process is a neuro clearing for dynamic change, which involves touching 32 points on the head that start to clear the limitations and emotional blocks you have around that area of your body and or life.

Quantum Structural Integration

The foundation of health and wholeness begins with our underlying structure, relational functionality and ultimately your posture. 

Through life’s daily challenges, our body navigates and holds on to stress, emotional blocks, poor postural habits, physical injuries and traumas. People on average develop holding patterns in our body that get in the way of optimum functionality, movement and health. 

Quantum Structural Integration is a gentle body process that utilizes cranial sacral therapy is an upright position. It is a whole body approach to pain relief and life transformation. 

Quantum Touch

It formulates from the practitioner using breath work to go to the highest level of healing with pure love and intention. Quantum touch and quantum structural integration are used together for the fastest relief of pain. It goes deep into the source of your pain; to the level of subconscious beliefs, emotions, attachments, negative experiences and injuries of the past to facilitate releasing them for good.

Energetic Unwinding

Marcia follows the lead of the client’s body through whirls and patterns to interpret and re-establish interconnection.