Happy Spring Time to YOU!
The month of March is named after Mars; this is the time spring begins to start as winter fades. This connection between Mars; the Earth’s land and the undeveloped springtime, renders symbolism of: new growth, flourishing life, renewal and expansion of energy.  The month of April, means “to open”, in this time when trees and flowers open.  In this time of new creations, have you ever thought possible to re-create you?
This is the time to expand your awareness. Create more choice in your life!  Create more space and consciousness.  This is possible with Access Consciousness Bars sessions.  You can try Access mini session added to the end of your massage.  Clients that have been doing this have been loving the experience of true relaxation and awareness!
When you are unconscious and hold no bearings on what your reality is, you spend your life trying to validate other people’s realities around you.  After Access Bars, you will function from a space of awareness, peace, joy and bliss!
This is where infinite possibilities are possible!  Expand your awareness in this time of renewal.  You will be happy you did.
The most exciting journey you can take is the journey of YOU!
Massage Memoirs 
When I lived in Tampa, many times I would travel to hotels to massage business travelers.
This is a story of massage and reiki energy work combined for a unique holistic session.
I arrived to the hotel to massage a male client.  He was a rather big man and wanted deep tissue to relax.  I set up and started the session.  As I was about 20 minutes into the massage, I sensed he needed divine healing; Reiki. I asked him, “Have you heard of Reiki before?”  He replied, “No.”  I went to explain Reiki is a natural healing system channeling divine energy to the recipient.  The energy knows what is the highest and greatest good for the recipient, it can do no harm. He was open to receive the energy and I went into a combination of massage and reiki.
In the reiki portion of the session, I sensed extreme heartbreak, sadness and anxiety wanting to burst out of his chest.  I sensed a total loss of someone close.  Heavy emotion energetically speaking.  My perceptions got stronger and I knew spirit had to relay a message.  I said, “If you don’t allow yourself to cry and release your sadness you will have a fatal heart attack.”   He looked up at me with surprise.  He said, “Why would you say that?”  He continued, “I lost my sister about 4 years ago.  She was the ‘rock’ of our family.  We were very close.  Since her death, I have taken on the position of being the ‘rock’ for the whole family. He went on to say, “I have not cried since my sister’s death and I have suffered multiple heart attacks!”  To my surprise what spirit was telling me feeling, was truth!
I explained, he needed to purge his emotion, the “charge” that is held from emotion in the physical body turns into dysfunction, dis-ease, and imbalance and in his case, can cause death.  This is completely non-survival to hold onto this type of energy.  This energy was not serving him for his highest and greatest good.
I continued to hold my hands above his body. I felt the heat from the energy channeling through me to him, the recipient.  He felt relaxed and all of a sudden, he started to feel energy surfacing up to his chest.  He said, “what are you doing?” He was trying to resist the energy surfacing.  He said, “What is happening?”  I noticed his chest and breath moving fast and short.  Then all of a sudden there were tears coming from his eyes and down his face.  I said in a comforting way, “these are tears, you are crying, it is ok. You are safe.” He breathed and released the energy.
You never know what to expect from a massage session.  This was a miracle, this man was able to allow himself to grieve, cry for the first time in over 4 years.  The session was beautiful.  Another “Everyday Miracle” in my world.
If you are interested in a “Spring Cleaning” of your mind, body and soul by ridding old energy and allowing healing and abundance to manifest in a beautiful NEW YOU.  Add on Access Consciousness 30 or 60 minutes to you next massage.  Move out the old energy and receive energy that will better serve you for your highest and greatest good.
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