♥ (30) Minute Massage $ 45.00 

♥  (60) Minute Massage $ 85.00   

♥  (90) Minute Massage $125.00  

♥  (120) Minute Massage $170.00  

 Upgrades Available 

♥   Essential oil blends  (Relaxation, Stress Away, Muscle Blend) $10.00

  CBD/Hemp Oil  $15.00


Swedish and Deep Tissue  Massage Sessions

Deep tissue massage works with the deepest layers of muscle tissue and fascia. Similar movements to Swedish massage but more intense! Deep tissue massage focuses on the release of chronic tension or knots, relieves fatigued muscles, pain and discomfort. Swedish is more relaxing and gentle massage.

Deep tissue sessions are suggested to be 90 minutes, to allow enough time to soften deep tissue, fascia, and work slowly from head to toe.


Holistic Massage    

Deep tissue and light massage combined.  This session is a combination of massage and energy work.  What I sense you need in your session, Tuning Forks (Sound Therapy), Access Consciousness, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Cupping, Moist Heat, or Acupressure Nervous System Balancing.  This session will be massage focus first approx. 60 minutes and ending 30 minutes with gentle to light focused energy work.


Energy Healing & Body Balancing 

Healing your mind, body and spirit with body processes.  Energy work promotes stress reduction, health, well-being and the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  The session you stay clothed and the therapists hand’s are lightly placed either on the body and or just above the body.


Couples Massage

Two massages simultaneously in the same room.  Either deep or gentle for relaxation.  Must be booked in advance to accommodate having a second therapist on site.  ***UPON AVAILABILITY must be pre-booked in advance.



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