Miracles & Massage

Many years of massage and energy work I have had pretty amazing experiences happen.  This month in my Miracles & Massage, I would like to share about a time when I was assisted a woman in the time of her husband’s death.


This was 6 years ago, I assisted in a Real Estate office after I had my second son, and did massage part time.  A woman, had just lost her husband to cancer.  She was leasing a property through our office and had to have a walk through before vacating the property.  Everyone in the office feared to go there because of the sudden loss of her husband.  Grief is a hard emotion to handle, even for those who are not involved.  I was asked to go and I accepted.  I had a knowingness, I could offer her Reiki, if she was open.
I arrived at the property, the woman opened the door and I greeted her and gave my condolences.  I entered the home and walked through each room.  I sensed something different here.  In spirit, she was not alone.  When I approached one of the guest bedrooms, I opened the door and I could see glistening lights, energy circling in the center of the bedroom.  There were angles here!  The feeling you get in the presence of angelic beings is very light, beautiful energy that makes you smile.  I turned to the woman and said, “I am an energy worker, I would like to offer you a session of Reiki to help in shifting you out of grief”.  She said she was familiar with Reiki accepted the session.  I told her then,” I see angels in this bedroom and this is where I would like for you to lay down on the bed”.  She replied, “this is where my husband would lay, in this bed, after his chemo treatments”.
She laid on the bed and called upon the divine Reiki healing energy to turn on for her greatest and highest good.   The warmth of the Reiki was present.  She was comfortable and relaxed.  The session is with my hands just above the body, in the fields of the subtle energy bodies of the client.  I never met her husband or her before.  But, here in the end of the session I got a message.  I said, “what does yellow mean to you or a yellow jacket”?  She replied, “yellow is my husband is a coward and left me here alone”.  She did not know of a yellow jacket.  I said, “sometimes the messages and meaning do not show up for a couple of days.  The meaning will appear and she will know.”  This is what I sensed to be truth.  I completed my paperwork and left.  She hugged and thanked me for the comfort in her time of loss.  I told her to feel free to contact me if she wanted to keep in touch.
From the time I left and got back to my office.  I received an email from her. I wish I had the email still.  Was a touching and amazing email.  From my memory was something like this:
“Dear Alison, thank you for the session.  After you left I opened a closet and a box fell down and spilled open.  A picture of my husband in Europe with his motorcycle group.  He was standing in the center of the photo wearing a yellow leather jacket holding his thumb up and smiling.  I believe he is telling me that he is okay.  Thank you.”  And the photo was attached.  He was happy in this photograph.
Love is powerful and conquers all fear and doubt.  Love is the ultimate power in the universe that heals and bonds us together as one.  No matter what dimension and reality,love is real.  February is the month of ” Love” but truly everyday should be seen through the eyes of the heart.
May you all enjoy this Valentines weekend and hopWebsiteBannere to see you at Rockin Massage soon!
Oceans of Love,
Ali B.