Everyday Miracles that happen only at Rockin Massage Oak Brook…
A few months ago I received a phone call from a young woman who wanted to get pregnant naturally.  She called and asked if I had essential oils that would help her body conceive a baby naturally. This was a question never brought to me before.  No.  I have not heard of oils assisting in pregnancy.  I did, however, believe a holistic massage would help relax both her and her husband but the session turned into a miraculous holistic experience!
My client and her husband came into my office scheduled for a couples session.  On one massage table was the Amethyst BioMat where she relaxed while I massage her husband. The crystal far-infrared BioMat delivers deep heat approximately 6 inches into the body.  Balances hormones, alkalizes the body with negative ion therapy, increases oxygen in the blood and added circulation throughout the body for 60 minutes.
Then her husband switched to the table with the BioMat for his continued therapy and I massaged her and added Reiki (divine healing energy) and opened her awareness with Access Bars techniques.  This was a beautiful session that I could feel divine energy filling the room.  I energetically connected, channeled and my hands were very hot over her body.  Specifically in her mid pelvic area. I then sensed her child was ready to come experience life on Earth with them as his parents.  I ended the session and said, “Go home and make a baby”.  This may sound a little strange for some of you reading this message but it was a very personal, divine and miraculous session that is hard to put into words.
Three weeks later I received an email from this client that instantly made me cry tears of JOY!
“Hello Alison,

I had a couples massage with you about a month ago.  We were the couple that was trying to get pregnant.  I told people about you and how intuitive you are.  I told them how you felt a burning heat by my right ovary was which was where I was ovulating… well I HAD to email you and tell you, I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I truly believe your positive energy and prayers had something to do with it!  So thank you for such an amazing, relaxing and spiritual experience! We will be back in the future!”


This was by far the most amazing massage session I have been part of in my years of being a therapist.  I wanted to share this beautiful story (with the blessing of my clients, of course).  Miracles do happen and I am forever grateful.


Clients like you have made my business what it is – and for that I am extremely grateful.


2016 is a couple days away, what a great way to jump start your next year’s resolution by releasing energy that doesn’t not serve you. Call today to book your own customized session! 
Happy Holidays and New Year!
“Wishing you and your families health, wellness and miracles!”
Ali B.