Reiki Level One

Reiki is now known as a complimentary or alternative therapy.  Working with energy is another way of gathering information on a deeper level. Reiki works on all levels body, mind and spirit connection within a human being, plants and animals. Reiki increases and strengthens your intuition to help you focus on your health and well being. Reiki energy provides guidance to aid in prevention of disease and increase awareness.  You will learn in level one the following:


  • History, philosophy and principles of Reiki;

  • What Reiki energy is and how it can be used;

  • Receive an attunement to Reiki, which gives you lifetime access to this powerful healing energy;

  • Practice of self-healing protocols;

  • A Reiki binder, handouts and a certificate of completion.

Upon successful completion of the Reiki Level 1 class you will be able to practice Reiki on yourself.  Because the focus of Reiki Level 1 is self-healing, students will conduct a 21-day cleanse upon completion of training, which involves practicing Reiki on yourself daily.  Once you are familiar with the Reiki energy and self practiced you then are able to take Reiki Level II, learning to give healing sessions to self and others.  Usui Reiki Level One $150.00