People who travel frequently, whether it is for business or recreation, both are perfect candidates for massage therapy. Spending long stretches of time in a cramped seat on planes, trains and automobiles compress vertebrae, cause stiff and sore muscles, and can increase tension.

The stiff and sore muscles that stem from heavy traveling can in turn be more susceptible to injury if not properly treated. Then, of course, there are the stress factors associated with extensive travel.  When someone travels often for their career, stress then plays a big role in traveling.

Therapeutic massage helps you to relieve both the physical and mental strain that heavy travel can place upon someone. A simple case of jet lag can often be remedied by the relaxation and comfort provided through a massage. This is why so many people start their business trips by getting a nice, relaxing, therapeutic massage first. There is nothing better than a massage to melt away the long hours of travel and start your business meeting off on the right foot.

I have been working with business travelers for over seven years as a mobile therapist.  I bring therapeutic massage to your hotel or venue.  Now, Oak Brook hotels such as Embassy Suites, will shuttle you as a guest to my office and pick you up after your massage session.

Reduce stress from travel and improve quality of sleep so you perform your best!