Rockin Massage Therapist Staff


Allison Blecker, Licensed Massage Therapist

I am a licensed massage therapist, in practice for over 12 years and counting. I specialize in healing therapies such as relaxation massage combined with deep tissue and energy work. My work is methodical and unique to each session. I have been working backstage through an agency since 2008. 


Marcia Zuicarelli, Licensed Massage Therapist

Marcia is a holistic health practitioner with 18 + years experience in the energetic healing arts. She is a body intuitive and has been lead to new and cutting edge modalities and practices for herself and her clients.


Gabriela Teutla, Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been in the massage therapy industry for a little over a year now. I have worked with chiropractors, and learned to help people in severe pain. I specialize in pain relief by doing more trigger point therapy within the massage session.