Topically – Young Living essential oils can be applied topically to the skin.  Most oils require dilution with a carrier oil before rubbing them on the skin, such as coconut oil, olive oil, or Young Living’s V-6 blend.  You can apply some oils neat, which means without diluting.

Aromatically – Young Living essential oils can be inhaled from the bottle or diffused in the air with a diffuser.  They can also be dropped on a cotton ball or wet cloth and inhaled.

Internally – Because Young Living essential oils are therapeutic-grade, many of them can be used internally or taken orally as a dietary supplement.  ALWAYS read the bottle to see if a specific oil is safe for internal use.  NEVER use a lesser-quality brand of oil internally (the bottle of another brand usually says “Not for internal use!”)


Love diffusing essential oils …Diffusing oils alter the molecules that create odor.  They also increase oxygen availability, produce negative ions and release natural ozone.  Many essential oils such as lemongrass, orange, grapefruit, tea tree, eucalyptus, frankincense, and lemon are extremely effective in destroying airborne germs and bacteria.

Start by diffusing oils for 15-30 minutes a day and notice the effects in your mood and the energy of your space and those around you!


The science behind the influence of aromas on both mind and body…The fragrance of essential oil can directly affect everything from your emotional state to your life cycle. When a fragrance is inhaled, the odor molecules travel up the nose where they are trapped by olfactory membranes that are well protected by the lining inside the nose.  In this lining there are millions of nerve cells replaced every 28 days.  The olfactory bulb sends signals the limbic system.  The limbic system is a control center control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance essential oils can have a profound physiological and psychological effects.

The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to emotional control center of the brain.  Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and joy all stem from this region.  See how the oils feel in your next massage.  Only a $10.00 upgrade added to enhance your session and mind/body. Raindrop technique is a whole different experience that boosts your immune system.  See Raindrop under treatments!